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Here's A Quick (Partial) Bio Of SARAVANAN GANESH

I’m Saravanan Ganesh, a husband, dad, son, and entrepreneur.

When someone asks me "So, what do you do?", I love to reply "Oh I play with my 3-year-old in the daytime, I travel a lot, I just get up every day and pretty much do what I feel like doing!". And 90% of the time they are confused!!

They were expecting the standard answer the masses give ("I am an engineer, or teacher, or whatever").

Well, I moved away from the masses into the classes some time ago - and I believe it's time you do too!!

And you do it by creating a Passive Ongoing Income via a Rank and Rent Strategy !!

Three Major Components of Local SEO




Google needs to know who you are, and why they should feature you when someone is looking for help. When you make a website that's relevant to the user's search phrase and their intent, you're going to show up for more people.




In a world screaming "Look at me!" we trust experts that validate others and can testify on their behalf. This is true for Google as well. If others can "vouch" for your websites and advocate that you're trustworthy, Google will trust you. And they'll reward you by ranking you higher in search results.




Google ranks websites unvenly based on how many "big dogs" relatively speaking, are vouching for you. One really big, relevant website vouching for you (in the form of what we call "backlinks" is better than 10 websites that have no authority or relevance. Sometimes, you can get these more powerful sites on your side. Sometimes you have to build by your own. We will show you how.

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